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"Stories create communities,

they inspire to take action,

they highlight the human dimension

of great ideas"

Hello, I'm Pablo.

I make independent films and branded content for businesses who believe that environmental sustainability, health and personal growth are essential to shift our collective awareness, improve our consumption culture and create a better world.

I have spent my life crafting stories. I have worked as a film director, photographer, scriptwriter, copywriter and communication strategist for independent films, organizations and entrepreneurs.

After more than 10 years in the creative industries, I have witnessed many times the process of an idea becoming a story and the enormous impact that such transformation brings along.

You may have something meaningful to share. Maybe it is a business for the locals, an event to grow a conscious community, a form of therapy that makes people thrive, or perhaps a brand new product that is going to make your industry greener.

In either case, you care about people and you are proud of doing work that contributes to a better, healthier, more conscious, more sustainable, more connected world.

If this resonates with you, I am honoured to have you on my site. And I would love to help distil your message into valuable media content.

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" We live in times when the old system based on mindless consumption is showing its flaws.

This is an opportunity for new –better– narratives to emerge. Let's not miss it! "

I recently read that the average social media consumer is exposed to six thousand ads a day.


Yes, that's a six and three zeroes.

Sounds overwhelming?​


The media landscape today is drastically different from the one you grew up with, and that's a valid statement for each of us, no matter which generation you belong to. We live in times of fast, evergrowing media consumption and information surpluses. Too much data, too many realities. This is a recipe for confusion. 

We should be critical about this, but critical doesn't mean to have our arms folded.

The Internet has allowed us to diversify, to split off from the platitudes of mainstream thinking.

In this new map, the role of conscious businesses is fundamental to raise awareness and values that can make us feel more plenty, more human, and proud of leaving a promising legacy to the upcoming generations.

Our role is to connect people, to build communities around good causes, and to use media to improve our culture, destroy old stereotypes and support a more genuine and authentic perception of who we are.

And that’s why I am so passionate about making online content.

If you are working on a service, a product or an event that wants to help people to envision a better future, I'd be honoured to help you find the right stories and the right kind of media to support it.

Contact me. I am curious to know what you are up to.



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