Media Library

Look good, make a difference.

The Handsome Media Library (HML) is a product bespoke for conscious lifestyle brands who want to elevate their online presence and attract more and higher-value customers.

Using the elegance of strategic storytelling, you will grow your brand’s identity by creating a library of high-end images designed to produce a visual atmosphere of quality, sophistication and trust around your products.

The Handsome Media Library (HML) includes both video and photography ready to publish on your website and social media. Here photo & video samples produced by Third Eye Media for a self-care ritual set.

When it comes to landing pages, adding video can increase conversion by 86%.

Five good reasons to get the Handsome Media Library

1. It will make your online presence look more sophisticated, leading to higher paying customers.

2. It will add dynamism to your website: Visitor will stay curious and willing to explore your site.

3. It will help you capture the attention of social media users. High-end photo & video will set you apart.

4. It will display your products in context, as part of a visual story. This is a crucial factor in the customer's final decision to make a purchase.

5. It will bring you brand self-awareness. You will gain insight, inspiration and more clarity about the current state of your brand's positioning strategy.

HML is specially made for conscious lifestyle brands. Jewellery, clothing, wellness centres or health and beauty products who want to slide up to the higher ends of their market using the elegance of strategic storytelling. Videos & photography by Third Eye Media.

What's included:

1. Two brand strategy sessions to plan and define your approach.

2. Professional model.

3. 6-hour shooting day.

4. A one-minute HD video with impressions of your product or service, soundtrack included.

5. 3 to 5 HD video impressions. Average 10 seconds each.

6. 10 still images, HD.

7. Professional colour grading.

Make your Social Media shine with platform ready media. Make a difference using video in your posts, Facebook events and profile picture. Like in this sample, produced by Third Eye Media.