The HeartFire Sessions #3 and Third Eye Media Productions proudly present the third edition of the HeartFire Sessions, with singer/soulwriter Iris Muller.

It will be a special evening full of soul-whispering songs that will touch your heart deeply.

During these times in which physical gatherings are still not possible, we are working together with filmmaker and content creator Pablo Palma (Third Eye Media) to light up our heart fire with a trilogy of online music ceremonies.

Using the unifying power of music, ceremony and heart to heart conversation, we are creating a sacred hearth to gather up and reconnect to each other, regardless of spiritual or social backgrounds.

We kicked off the first edition of the HeartFire Sessions with the singer-songwriter and ceremony master Jennifer Ann. For our second edition we invited the masterful multi-instrumentalist, sound healer and life looping magician Praful. For this third edition are warmly welcoming the talented singer / soulwriter, Iris Muller. She will bring magic for sure!

During this session, we will share an intimate online space with live music, conversation and the premiere of a video portrait made of Iris Muller by Third Eye Media.

About Iris Muller

Iris Muller is a Dutch singer who has given the unique ability to articulate what lives in the other through music. Her lyrics are accurate, intuitive, joyful and profound. In addition to her written songs, Iris improvises audience-requested songs on the spot. People who have experienced this describe it as heart-opening, unforgettable and transformational in their personal development.

"Improvising or channelling songs have always been with me ever since I am a child. Words flow through me from an unknown source, containing messages for me of those around. I recently started taking this more public giving soul whisper concerts for people where people receive their own soul song"

Video portrait Iris Muller by Third Eye Media

During last year’s Tijdloos Festival, filmmaker Pablo Palma made a short video portrait about Iris Muller where she shares beautifully about her musical soul's journey. The full video will be presented during the HeartFire Sessions!

About HeartFire Sessions

HeartFire organizes inspiring events that share love through music. We bring people together in a sacred heart space where healing, transformation and celebration of life happen.

We love to contribute to a better future. That’s why together with filmmaker Pablo Palma (Third Eye Media) we have created a series of video portraits of heartfelt artists. With their music and creativity, they offer a powerful contribution in these transformative times.

We will co-create an intimate online setting through positive intentions and ceremony where these videos will be premiered and musicians will share some of their favourite songs with the community. There will be room for some questions and conversation. Make sure you reserve your seat.

Let’s unite around this virtual hearth and celebrate love through music!

(FYI: This event is donation based. The donations will be shared with the artist and will allow us to create more of these events, invite new musicians and grow together as a transnational conscious community).

In preparation for the event

  • Make sure you block 1,5 hours in a quiet place.

  • The event will take place via Zoom, you will receive a link.

  • During the Zoom event please keep your microphone muted unless you are invited to speak.

  • We appreciate it if you leave your computer camera on, so we can feel each other’s presence.

  • Finally (but not least important): Bring a candle to light on!

Let’s gather around this virtual hearth and celebrate love through music!

With love,

Daniëlle & Jeroen | HeartFire

Pablo | Third Eye Media

Iris Muller