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Either if you are a startup, an organization or an entrepreneur, I can help you tell your story in a way that feels true to your identity and that can connect to your audience.

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I'll show you and your team the tools needed to tell your story

Do you want to learn to make your own content? I can introduce you to the elements of storytelling and media production that you need for that. Some examples are:

- Vlogging

- Online courses

- Interviewing

- Product reviewing

- Crowdfunding

- Live video broadcasting

- Strategic photography

Vlogger Equipment


Let's make great content!

We can work together in the creation of meaningful media. I can make things such as:

- Promotional videos

- Branded films

- Documentary portraits

- Narrative photography

- Websites

- Landing pages

- Newsletter implementation

- Social media assets

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I'll help you to breath new life into your story.

Do you need support with your idea or project? I can definitely help you to move on to the next stage. Here are some suggestions on how I can do that:

- Brand psychoanalysis

- Rebranding

- Brainstorming moderation

- Design Thinking facilitation

- Script consultancy

- Idea incubation